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Mini Innovation Hubs

Georgia Tech’s recent foray into Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has naturally resulted in many questions, including questions by faculty who are creating online courses. Education’s changing role from creator, curator, and transmitter of information into something else, as of yet undefined, is prompting much of this dialogue.

To encourage and nurture the ongoing discussion, the Office of the Provost organized the creation of Mini Innovation Hubs, a group of self-organizing teams that address the critical questions about the changing landscape of higher education. Led by Donna Llewellyn (CETL), Mike McCracken (C21U), and Wendy Newstetter (COE), the hubs engage faculty and students in a process to develop and address a set of critical and focused questions that need to be answered so Georgia Tech can take advantage of the changing landscape of higher education and continue to define the technological university of the 21st century.

Each hub has a leader, known as a champion, who works with faculty and students with similar interests to define and explore a question about educational technology. Each hub has access to faculty and students with expertise in learning and cognitive science that infuse the hub with appropriate reading materials to inform and guide their experiments.

If you are interested in joining one of the hubs, please contact Lauren Margulieux or one of the hub champions listed below.

Hub Questions Champion
Dual Use How can MOOCs be leveraged to improve the in-class experience for GT students? What are the special issues of using a MOOC to flip or blend a course? Bonnie Ferri, ECE
Delivery Mechanisms How can alternative reality technologies be used to enhance learning in MOOCs and on-campus courses? Racel Williams, CoA
Physics Lab How can a physical science lab experience be designed for students in a MOOC or other online learning environment? Ed Greco, Physics
Library Support How can the library provide resources in a MOOC? How can the library facilitate the faculty in finding open access learning resources?

Lori Critz, Library and Cari Lovins, OIT

Motivation What are the real issues of keeping students engaged and involved in a MOOC? Which social components of a class are not or cannot be replicated online?

Al Ferri, ME

Math Bridge Can a MOOC environment help Georgia Tech to efficiently and effectively serve incoming students who need a bridge course to ensure success in their first math course? Shannon Dobranski, Center for Academic Success
Multidisciplinary How can an online environment be harnessed to offer a truly multidisciplinary course addressing the challenging issues of today? Katja Weber, International Affairs


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