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Second Life and Entrepreneurship

Second Life and Entrepreneurship
Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wesley Smith is currently Director of Instructional Distance Education and Advanced Services (IDEAS) at Georgia College in Milledgeville. He began his career 13 years ago training faculty to use technology in their daily lesson plans. Since then, he has created two instructional technology departments at two sister USG institutions while also serving as a faculty member in the Department of Education at Middle Georgia College. In his current position, Smith works with faculty, staff, and students to develop innovative ways to use technology in the teaching/learning process. Over the past three years, Georgia College and State University has experimented with using Second Life (SL) as a creative outlet to augment the learning process. Within SL, students are able to create their own learning experiences and gain valuable insight from the successes and failures that occur as they progress through the semester. Smith discusses and demonstrates how he uses SL to teach entrepreneurship to undergraduate students.

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