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The Precision Academics Podcast is a collaboration between the University System of Georgia and C21U. Podcast host Myk Garn, the assistant vice chancellor for new learning models for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, explores the people and propositions of a digitally transforming academic enterprise through interviews with leaders and innovators across the university system. 

Justin Mays of Clayton State University next to the Clayton State logoListen Now - Episode 1 with Justin Mays, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Clayton State University

Join host Myk Garn and guest Justin Mays in a focused discussion about new developments in teaching, learning, and chatbots at Clayton State University and the University system at large. 



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What is Precision Academics?

Precision Academics, at its core, is the practice of using digital data from student learning activities to inform and improve instruction. Just as the practice of precision medicine is being driven by extensive laboratory and clinical data that now can be parsed, mined, and focused into solutions for ever more finely grained categories of individuals – precision academics is technology-enabled, data-informed, and empirically-evidenced instruction.

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About the Host

Myk Garn is an academic innovator and strategist developing, deploying, and leading college and state system instructional, operational, organizational, policy and strategic models. He currently serves as the assistant vice chancellor for new learning models for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. 


Media Contact

Brittany Aiello
C21U and CNE Communications