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Thrun & Evans on Reinventing the University

C21U Invited Talk
Reinventing the University
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia | Georgia Tech Campus

Sebastian Thrun recently left Stanford University and started Udacity, an online university that seeks to reach the 99% of the world's population presently excluded from high-quality higher education. Udacity's first class on Artificial Intelligence, which was offered in conjunction with Stanford, attracted 160,000 students, of which 23,000 graduated with Stanford-level qualifications. Thrun discusses his model for successfully teaching 160,000 students in one class, maintaining quality and engagement, and scaling the concept in a way that can impact higher education. Additionally, Thrun and Evans talk about their experiences with traditional forms of education, and they speculate on what higher education may look like in the digital age. 

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