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Research & Innovation

C21U explores change-oriented ideas in higher education and engages collaborators in their design and validation.

  • PresentationsC21U researchers present at professional conferences and invited talks.
  • PublicationsC21U researchers publish in a variety of professional academic journals.

The mission of C21U Research is to enhance the learner experience by using data to drive instructional action.

Flowchart showing process of research planning and implementation

Research is guided by the C21U Innovation Mindset, a design-based approach to educational research. Student needs in physical and virtual classrooms lead to faculty interests in exploring instructional theories and practices. Those faculty members collaborate with C21U on research questions, which drive the data we collect. Analyses of those data lead to new conclusions about instruction within specific contexts, which are then implemented in the classroom. In turn, those actions often lead to new student needs, and the cycle repeats itself.

The goal of C21U Research is to put our research into action. We apply a startup and agile mindset to research, addressing questions quickly and incrementally while putting each lesson learned into action in physical and virtual classrooms


C21U supports faculty research through a number of tools and services:

  • Seeking grants and other funding opportunities
  • Generating IRB protocols for Institute review
  • Designing research plans that generate quantitative and qualitative data using tools and analytical frameworks such as
    • Original surveys
    • Interviews
    • Extant course data through online tools
    • Institute surveys, such as the Course Instructor Opinion Survey
    • Focus groups (in-person and virtual)
    • Content analysis
  • Analyzing course metrics, survey data, and qualitative data, e.g., from focus groups
  • Reporting on study outcomes and contributing to faculty members’ publication efforts
  • Collaborating on conference presentations
  • Generating original works for the C21U website and external publications


To learn more about our research projects, please visit our Research Roadmap.

C21U Central Office

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Phone: (404) 385-2218

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