College of Computing
School of Computer Science
KACB 3406
(404) 894-1403

Ellen W. Zegura has conducted research and taught in computer networking for more than 20 years. Her research interests include the Internet, with a focus on its topological structure and services, as well as mobile wireless networking. In network topology, she is the co-creator of the GT-ITM suite of Internet topology modeling tools, which remains in use 15 years after its original release. In mobile wireless networking, Zegura and colleagues invented the concept of message ferries to facilitate communications in environments where network connectivity is unreliable and/or sparse. Almost four years ago, she helped create the Computing for Good initiative in the College of Computing, a project-based teaching and research activity that focuses on the use of computing to solve pressing societal problems. She is currently co-chair for a Georgia Tech strategic initiative team developing a plan for Institute-wide action in the area of service learning.  

DSc 1993, Washington University, St. Louis
MS 1990, Washington University, St. Louis
BS 1987, Washington University, St. Louis