C21U develops and tests technology-mediated learning environments, including MOOCs and virtual communities of practice. As online education is rapidly becoming a predominant form of course delivery, C21U explores disruptive innovations and leads the initiatives that will define the next generation of educational practices and technologies.

  • Flipping the Classroom: A flipped classroom (sometimes referred to as an inverted classroom) flips the traditional structure of a classroom. In this flipped structure, students are taught content before class via videos and readings, and they attain deeper knowledge in class via activities. To help instructors who are thinking about experimenting with this approach, C21U has produced a guide for instructors who want to flip their classrooms, available here.

  • MOOCS: an acronym for a massive open online course designed for a very large enrollment, offered on the Internet by an educational institution and typically free of charge.

    • Coursera: C21U led the planning, development, and implementation of Georgia Tech’s partnership with Coursera to offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

    • GT MOOC: An initial experiment with massive open online courses that brought together thousands of students.

  • Health Information Technology (HIT) Training Program: online certificate program developed to  train traditional and non-traditional students through individualized programs to find employment in the field of health information systems.

  • Foundations for the Future (F3): A collaboration of Georgia Tech researchers working with government and industry to ensure universal K-12 technology access and effective use in Georgia and beyond.

  • Studio Innovation Lab: A production studio and digitally enabled classroom jointly managed by C21U and Georgia Tech Professional Education on behalf of the Provost. The space offers the ultimate studio experience for faculty and instructors producing MOOC content and experimenting with innovative educational approaches.