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Digital Learning Technologies Roadmap

The Digital Learning Technologies Roadmap is being developed to identify and track the learning technologies that Georgia Tech will pilot over the next 2-3 years. Once a technology is piloted, C21U will research its effectiveness and, potentially, help roll it out across campus. 

We are currently soliciting feedback on the categories of interest to be included in the roadmap. After reviewing the categories below, please complete our survey at

Adaptive/Personalized Learning

The use of student data to change and improve the learning experience for each individual learner

Classroom Technologies

Physical classroom infrastructure that enhance the learning experience
  • Microsoft RoomAlive: Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing has created a design studio that leverages the Microsoft RoomAlive Toolkit to construct a room-scale augmented reality. The system “pins” students’ work to the walls, where teachers and students can see and discuss the work.
  • University of Minnesota's Active Learning Classroom: This video provides an introduction to classrooms that allow for students to experience a more interactive and conversational educational environment.

Collaboration Platforms

Web-based applications that facilitate collaboration among distributed teams
  • Collaboration Platforms to Consider: Georgia Tech provides a powerful collaboration platform called Microsoft Sharepoint. This article lists alternatives to Sharepoint that might make sense for some teams.
  • Slack in Higher Education: This article describes how Slack could be used as a collaboration platform within higher education.


Personal learning record that students and faculty use to store, organize, reflect on, and share items that represent his/her academic achievements and experiences
  • FrogFolio at TCU: This page provides a short overview of the ePortfolio program at TCU.
  • A Domain of One's Own: One approach to ePortfolios allows students to create their own online portfolio by simply providing a domain and web hosting.

Learning Analytics

Collection and analysis of student learning data that enables faculty to improve the learning experience

Learning Platforms

Web applications that allow faculty and staff to create, deliver, facilitate, and track student learning experiences


Tracking and recognizing small chunks of student learning mastery

Systems Integration at GT

Improvements to existing Georgia Tech systems to improve integrations and interoperability.

Video Creation and Deployment

Tools and infrastructure that make it easier for faculty and students to create and edit high-quality videos
  • Lightboard: Northwestern's Michael Peshkin demonstrates the use of his lightboard, which he describes as "a glass chalkboard pumped full of light."
  • One-Button Studio: Penn State's One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience.

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