Presentation Location
Cambridge, MA
Learning with MOOCs: A Practictioner's Workshop
Course Drift in Blended, Large Enrollment, Multiple Section Courses

David M. Majerich, research scientist for the Center for 21st Century Universities presented "Course Drift in Blended, Large Enrollment, Multiple Section Courses" during the Teaching Track of the Learning with MOOCs: A Practitioners Workshop. His presentation was based on a paper he co-authored with Bonnie Ferri, professor and associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs Systems and Controls, Aldo Ferri, associate professor and associate chair for Undergraduate Studies Acoustic.

This workshop brought together the educators, technologists, researchers, learning scientists, entrepreneurs, and funders of MOOCs to share their innovations, discuss the impact on education and to answer questions such as: How to best support students to learn in an online environment? How can MOOCs be successfully integrated with the traditional classroom experience? For which students and in what contexts are these courses most effective? What can we learn from the rich data streams generated by these platforms? How do we structure the learning activities to produce data streams that better support research?