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C21U Screening panel discussion from The Ivory TowerC21U’s programing focuses on identifying and exploring innovative ways to encourage increased opportunities for interactions and engagement among faculty, students, the university and surrounding communities as ways of improving the higher ed experience.

Increasingly prevalent online and virtual modes of communication and learning reinforce both the need for new, digital means of outreach, as well as the continued importance of face-to-face and in person engagement. What C21U calls "always-on connectivity" and the importance of participation and engagement constitute important facets of higher education access and completion in 21st century learning.




Explore C21U Programs

Events - Check out the C21U Events calendar. We share not only C21U events, but any events hosted by our Educational Innovation Ecosystem (EIE) partners and CNE constituents.

Programs - C21U supports programs to bring together learners, teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in driving change in higher education.

External Collaboration - C21U acts as a conduit for collaboration and partnership with external organizations including non-profit and government entities, as well as corporate branches interested in investing in the success of higher education innovation. 

Educational Innovation Ecosystem (EIE) - Guided by the Office of the Provost, Georgia Tech’s Educational Innovation Ecosystem (EIE) is a coordinated effort of Institute units dedicated to the adoption of new and innovative educational methodologies and the Institute’s efforts pertaining to lifelong learning initiatives for traditional and nontraditional learners. Together, the units grow, support and expand the educational experience at Georgia Tech.

Innovation Lab - The Innovation Lab is a creative, recording and producing space located in Klaus Advanced Computing Building, hosted in conjunction with Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE). MOOCs, podcasts and other educational media are produced in the studio and it's available for use to campus constituents.