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Working Paper

A Review of State-Level Programs to Enhance Postsecondary STEM Education in the United States



Unconference on Art and Technology

Unconference on Art and Technology

TechBurst winners

TechBurst winners

Sebastian Thrun and David Evans

Sebastian Thrun and David Evans spoke at C21U

University Spotlight: F.W. Olin College of Engineering

One of C21U’s areas of interest is in novel practices for engineering education. This week’s blog post covers another inventive approach to engineering education, offered not online but on a traditional physical campus.  The Franklin W.

Innovative University Spotlight: Coursera

This week the Center for 21st Century Universities blog highlights Coursera, another approach to alternative learning environments and credentialing coming out of Stanford University. Unlike Udacity, however, Coursera maintains its university affiliation.

Udacity in the News

In conjunction with Sebastian Thrun’s forthcoming Georgia Tech visit this week, C21U decided to take an in-depth look at Udacity’s new online educational format.

Kickstarter: New Platform for Higher Education Innovation?

We touched on innovative aspects of higher education instruction and credentialing in last week’s blog post on Sebastian Thrun’s Udacity initiative. This week we explore another factor that impacts innovation: alternative funding sources.


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