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Digital Learning Data Analyst
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While Adrian Gallard was working for an aviation spare parts company, he met a data scientist from the USAF who proved how pivotal a strong grasp on data was for any 21st-century organization. From that day on, Gallard studied tirelessly to move into the data analytics field. Data analytics is a field that has proven to be always interesting, fulfilling, and, most of all, impactful for the betterment of team efforts to improve the outcomes sought by C21U.

Gallard is a lifelong learner in his free time, with a penchant for gaining new skills. He's a guitarist, soccer player, budding calligraphist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, home chef, and future polyglot. He spends much of his free time learning and developing new skills and interests.


B.S. Managerial Science, Georgia State University