C21U digital learning specialists have a broad scope of knowledge and experience working with educational technology of all kinds. We are here to serve as a resource for faculty and researchers at Georgia Tech and a conduit for external digital learning partnerships and collaborations.

Our Work

The following are examples of C21U's work in digital learning: 

  • Digital Credentials Consortium: Collaboration with 12 international universities focused on creating verifiable infrastructure for digital credentials of academic achievement. 

  • SkillSync: Collaboration with Eduworks, USG, and the Credential Engine to develop prototypes of digital tools to support critical workforce reskilling in the United States. 

  • Course Description Tool: Canvas tool that allows faculty to provide brief details of their course plans to assist students in course selection and planning for the upcoming semester. 

  • Key Performance Indicator Tool: Canvas tool that provides instructors with course-specific weekly snapshots of students' performance. 

Tech students walk and talk at the stairs in front of Tech Tower.
Eric Scott Sembrat
Director of Digital Learning Technologies


Contact Eric Sembrat for questions regarding Digital Learning Technologies.